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Practice Area

Corporate and Commercial Law

The Omani and Partners corporate and commercial property lawyers in Qatar provides services for clients in all their transactional needs, including listings, structures and re-organizations, from start-ups to established multinational conglomerates. Our teams of experienced international finance lawyers interact to provide advice in such matters as mergers and acquisitions, finance and financial services; corporate investment; cross-border transactions; intellectual property; tax; restructuring and insolvency; employment and business immigration.

Commercial Real Estate Law and Conveyancing Services

Our commercial property lawyers provide high quality advice to investors, developers, owners, landlords and tenants on the range of legal matters which arise from acquisitions and disposals, estate management, finance, planning and taxation.

Our Real Estate lawyers use their expertise and strong cross-discipline team working to advise on both domestic and cross-border deals involving real estate as an asset class. We are of service to major public and private sector business clients and financial institutions in property development, investment, purchase, leasing and transfers.

 Omani and Partners , The best corporate law firms expertise enables us to advise on mining rights and mineral exploitation, including compliance with state and environmental regulatory requirements.

The safety and growth of your business property portfolio our primary priority, so do not hesitate to discuss your needs with us on 00974 40293059

Commercial Litigation

isputes are simply a fact of commercial life which needs to be resolved in a manner which, so far as is possible, preserves relationships whilst protecting the rights of our clients. Our team of experienced Commercial Property Lawyers is committed to assisting clients in the pursuit of their interests in a robust manner whilst recognizing that alternative means to settle disputes have to be considered before resorting to court proceedings.

Through our experience of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Mediation in both the domestic and international markets, our International Finance Lawyers in seek to utilize their expertise therein, but will have no hesitation in resorting to litigation to achieve your objectives should that prove to be commercially necessary. Omani and Partners,law firms in Doha Qatar will provide advice, assistance and advocacy in a manner which takes account of the expense to the client of lengthy proceedings. We use technologically advanced software and management methods to conduct your legal affairs in a pro-active manner to achieve client objectives in cost effective dispute processes.

• lternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
• Construction Disputes and Claims Litigation, including FIDIC and ASHGAL Templates, on issues including
• EOT – Delay
• Acceleration
• Change of Work Orders
• Extension & Variation
• Different Site & Unforeseen Conditions
• Damage
• Loss of Profit
• Contract Termination
• Competition and Anti-trust Law
• Professional Negligence and Liability

Corporate Crime

is a regrettable fact of the regulation of modern commercial organizations that reputable businesses will come under the scrutiny of the law in the investigation of corporate related crime. We are able to assemble an expert, multidisciplinary team of fraud and business crime lawyers to deal with complex financial and corporate investigations, civil fraud litigation and criminal prosecutions.

A top commercial law firms have the ability to proactively deal with investigatory governmental agencies can avoid potential embarrassment and protecting your rights and interests. We support individuals and companies who are subject to allegations of serious crime or corporate crime, or who are witnesses in such investigations

Indeed we are called upon by companies themselves who have identified activities of their own officers, staff, associates and customers which raise concerns of legal probity. Sensitivity and confidentiality are our watchwords as we conduct forensic investigations with the assistance of our wide network of experts

Our in-house forensic investigation and legal experience, supported by an extensive network of experts, has resulted in instruction on

• Money Laundering, criminal, political and terrorist related
• Antitrust & Antimonopoly criminal activity
• Domestic and international inducement and bribe transactions
• Corporate and individual financial cyber crime
• Stock manipulation
• Commercial misrepresentation
• Misappropriation of funds


Omani & Partners LLPinternational law firms in Doha Qatar was established to serve the corporate law, property and litigation requirements of business based in the State of Qatar, to serve the needs of enterprises in the domestic and international arenas of banking, finance and commerce.

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